derialme said: Hello (:


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My main man

juevangeli said: It's hard to wake up everyday if you don't like where you are!

That’s true but some things make the wait worth while

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juevangeli said: Yea but not like where you wake up everyday is hard!

Say what?

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I can’t wait for tomorrow. I miss going on our dates and having fun together. I miss you and right now I wish you were here.

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natpouryourtea said: Damn you've been everywhere lol and yeah I'm 22.. I just randomly ran across your tumblr and was like wow!

Haha thank you 😁

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Why do I still feel this way.

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juevangeli said: I'm sorry you feel like that... :/

S’all good. I am growing to like it but slowly. I still plan to move elsewhere eventually.

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